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When you are looking for quick results from online advertising, PPC is your answer. PPC (Pay Per Click) are the advertisements that show up next to the organic search results. Like natural search results, PPC is contextual, i.e. your ad shows up only if the search is for keywords you have chosen and relates to what you are promoting. PPC unlike the organic search results is paid advertisement and costs you money. Fortunately it costs you money only when someone actually clicks on your advertisement and views your website.

For PPC to be effective there are many factors to consider to ensure a good ROI. Many new to online marketing start a PPC campaign without a proper strategy. They burn up their budget without results and end up assigning the blame “PPC does not work for our customer base”. While there are many things to consider when starting a PPC campaign, the most overlooked is a need to constantly monitor and tune the spend. When starting a campaign we expect the market to behave certain ways, but 90% of the time it dictates its own course. We find some things more effective and some things while very intelligent are ineffective. It is important to closely monitor the customer behavior and adapt the strategy so that money is spent on things that are generating revenue and not on unproductive clicks.

    When making an online marketing strategy with PPC few things to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t underestimate the need to hire an expert to do your PPC. An expert will monitor your campaigns on daily basis to maximize ROI.
  • Pay Per Click is one component of the overall marketing picture. Don’t right away drop everything else.

And of course if you are yet contemplating a PPC campaign, know this: Both your competition and your customers are on it. Forrester Research projects that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising spending will top $11.6 billion this year and will become the leading form of advertising on the Internet.

What do we at SellWithPPC do for you?

A common question is why should I hire the services of SellWithhPPC to run a PPC campaign and even if I do, why should it be SellWithPPC?

We at SellWithPPC ask you to not look at the cost of your PPC as what do you pay for a click or what is your monthly spend on PPC. Instead we ask you look at your ROI on the campaign after considering all costs.

We at PPC help you optimize that KPI; your ROI. We include everything from Cost paid for clicks on advertisements that generated a sale to those that did not, our fees and your time. We measure that cost against what net new revenue you see. We strive hard to ensure that the ROI stays to where the decision to invest in PPC is a no-brainer for you.

    We do everything from :

  • A detailed keyword analysis.
  • Expert copywriting.
  • Tailored calls to action to engage the consumer.
  • Actively monitor your campaigns to ensure proper bidding and placement.
  • Manage multiple campaigns to refine your PPC strategy.
  • Refine your PPC Campaign to ensure you have Qualified site traffic and your money is not being wasted in unproductive clicks.
  • Customized landing pages and detailed reporting & monitoring.


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