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Search Engine Optimization

Your customer today starts his/her search on the Internet. Every “search” results in millions of websites, a “Crowd” where the best are lost. You are competing with both: Established players and Fly-by-the-night operators likewise. Your products / services or message and their quality are immaterial. You are indistinct from the crowd unless you rank on the 1st page of the results. Getting you Visible on the search results “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO and that is what we do. We get your website and pages to rank among the top few in the natural (organic) search results.

When a user searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo or similar search engines, he/she is presented with 2 types of results:-
1) Paid search results &
2) Organic search results.
The latter, also called the Natural search results, are often the most trusted by a common web user and most likely to be clicked. Unlike the paid results, an average web user believes the organic search results are an unbiased opinion and hence likely to be more relevant.

Search engines try to uphold this opinion by constantly modifying / improving their algorithms to ensure the most pertinent search results are delivered to the customer. On the other hand website creators are constantly trying to optimize their websites to rank high on the search results by following what the indexing algorithms look for.

In this constant tug of war, and addition of hundreds of websites that directly compete with you for ranking, there is a constant threat that your website will lose its ranking, unless you actively maintain it. It is the job of our experts to understand the SEO science and use it to your advantage to keep you ahead of your competition.

Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is expensive and takes longer, but once you do get the rankings, you are not paying for the advertisement and the clicks. It is the ideal online strategy.

The process of optimizing your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) broadly requires 2 distinct steps:

1) On-Page-Optimization: This is what we do to your website to help it rank favourably with the search engine bots that scan your website to index it. This includes adjusting things like Meta Tags, Title Tags, Alt Tags, URLs etc. and optimizing content.
2) Off-Page-Optimization: (Link Popularity), this is what is done outside of your website to help improve your website’s popularity. This includes Backlinks, Directory Submissions, Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Forum Posting, Press Releases, Social Networking Sites etc.

At SellwithPPC, we specialize in both aspects of the SEO process. We also like to bring out that, we do not employ any Black-Hat SEO techniques that may get you ranked very quickly for the short term but where you run a high risk of getting blacklisted by the search engines.


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