Search Engine Optimization glossary will be important to all for knowing the terms and its meaning. Keeping this in mind we have created this page.

301 Redirect: A permanent redirect. A change of location is communicated. When you move from one place to another you put a broad telling people your new location. 301 redirect is the same thing.

302 Redirect: A temporary redirect. This is ususally not recommnended for SEO purposes.

404 Page Not Found: The error message comes when your page is not found or is not linked properly. Best practice is to write that this page is not available right and let it redirect back to main page or index page.

On Page Optimization : Organic or natural search ranking will be affected by On Page Optimization. Proper coding of Title Tags, Meta Tags, Relavent content, Alt Tags etc are some of the factors which one needs take care of.

Off Page Optimization: Off Page Optimization is also an important factor of search engine optimization. Examples of Off Page Optimization is Link Popularity, Article Submission, Press Releases, Social Bookmarking etc .

Link Building : Link Building (Off Page Optimization) is important part of SEO. Getting backlinks (Inbound Links) from other websites, Reciprocal links, direct links etc.

White Hat SEO Techniques : White Hat SEO Techniques (Ethical SEO) is done by those who are looking for long term investment on their websites.

Black Hat SEO Techniques : Black Hat SEO (unethical) are those techniques who does not follow guidelines of search engines. Some examples of Black Hat SEO techniques are keyword stuffing, doorway pages etc.

Doorway Pages : Doorway Pages are hidden text to gain ranking by search engines. One can get penalized if used this technique.

Keyword Stuffing : Keyword stuffing is stuffing keywords as hidden text, spiders to crawl and get higher rankings. This is done mainly for search engines and not for humans.


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