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In the modern world, more and more of the customer opinion is being shaped by “Social Media” rather than the traditional Media. Unlike traditional media, Social Media is not controlled or biased by the media giants. It is instead managed by the very people who are influenced by it. This lack of central control by powerhouses and opinions from fellow users is what encourages web users to place their confidence in what the Social Media has to say.

Used as a tool Social Media can help you build a powerful brand and communicate with your customers. Not to mention a good Social Media presence vastly improves your search result rankings and SEO efforts.

Unfortunately, “Social Media” is not one thing that can be identified and segregated. It is instead all the online communities and the related buzz that bring user groups together. It includes everything from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Pinterest etc to user groups.

Social Media is an important aspect of any marketing strategy and plays a powerful role in shaping the success of the marketing strategy. There is not a “one size fits all” formula that can be applied to it. Social Media is now a complex maze and has to be customized to every business, to be effective. Any strategy built to leverage Social Media should take the following into account.

1. Analyze your Business, Customers and its context on the Social Media. The Social Media strategy for a B2C company could be very different from that of a B2B company. Using the same techniques to achieve popularity can result in a lot of wasted investments. It is important to very clearly understand what do we want to achieve out of the Social Media campaign, what is the size of the business what is its market, who are its customers. A strategy should be accordingly customized.

2. Hire the experts: It is common misconception that there is no need for an expert in Social Media, when we are only posting information. Unfortunately that can be a costly mistake. Not only is it loss of the time you put in to create material that is not achieving its results but you are also losing opportunity.

Maintaining visibility in a landscape that changes by the minute, can be daunting and can take up too much time. At SellwithPPC our experts are familiar with the social landscape, know the numerous nuances that affect visibility and can pay the constant attention that is necessary to keep your message and brand visible. We analyze and map your business requirements and your customers. Thereafter we develop an effective Social Media strategy. We ensure our energy and hence your investment is being spent in the right area.


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