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Web Analytics

To measure online marketing activities one has to measure its analytic's time and again and keep making changes accordingly. Web Analytics is a continuous process.

    Broadly it can be defined in four steps:-

  • Define.

    Defining goals is essential as without that you cannot measure its success. So question arises how to define a goal? Well, some of it can be, first identifying who are the target audience ? What age group they belong to? What will be the geographical location? Etcetera.

    Based on the goals, one creates the funnels and accordingly directs to the particular landing page.

  • Measure.

    After defining your goals, you can now measure it. This is possible through developing dashboards series that will show your ability on engaging, reaching, converting and retaining of your visitors.

  • Analyze.

    Here one can see that some activities are not performing as per our expectations. While monitoring one knows what is working and what is not working and based on that analysis, we need to change our goals for that particular landing page. After understanding the details of the analytics, action must be taken to improve results.

  • Optimize.

    After identifing why a particular area is performing less, need to take immediate action to make better. While making improvements, one should keep in mind various factors like - the geographic location, which offer to introduce when, what kind of discounts can be offered, and turn the visitors to convert into customers.


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